A Purifying Ceremony in Hammam

One of the most heavenly treats for body and soul is the hammam ceremony, where exfoliation and deep cleansing are followed by nurturing, softening and purifying. Why not create your own spa at home and celebrate this ritual for body and soul?

As well as being an ideal way to care for our skin, taking time to pamper our bodies is also amazingly good for the soul – think nurturing, reflection, rejuvenation. Our renewed The Ritual of Hammam collection helps you relax and de-stress while revealing soft, smooth skin from top to toe. This exquisitely purifying ceremony has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Meaning both a public steam room and a deep cleansing ritual, hammam is the ultimate wellness ritual. But if it wasn’t for the ancient Romans and Greeks, we’d probably still be bathing in the cold. Because it was the invention of the Roman thermae, or hot baths, where many of our modern bathing traditions – as well as the hammam – originate. While the first hammams were originally found in Arabia, it was the Turks who made them popular by allowing access for all.

Regular, rigorous exfoliation, detoxification and purification – with some help from the warming, revitalizing properties of rosemary and eucalyptus – can result in increased circulation, a healthier immune system, less stress and a more relaxed outlook… and, of course, beautiful skin. In other words, this very special ritual leaves the body and soul invigorated, nourished and relaxed at the same time. And best of all, you can even recreate it at home in a few simple steps.

In an ideal world we’d have time to indulge in our hammam ritual as often as we like, for as long as we like. But sometimes life gets in the way: work, deadlines, commitments and technology can all prevent us from enjoying a little me-time. But this wonderful ceremony doesn’t have to be all or nothing – when you’re extra pressed for time, you can simply enjoy a mini version of the hammam and reap the restorative benefits when you need them the most.

Apply The Ritual of Hammam Black Soap with the special kessa glove, then gently massage in our rich, hydrating body cream to complete your mini hammam experience. Why not apply a mask and let it work its magic while you’re at it?



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