Bathing Ceremony

As one of the oldest bathing traditions in the world, the hammam is still wildly popular today. Think exfoliation and deep cleansing, followed by nurturing and purifying, and you have a ritual that your body and soul will thank you for.
Meaning both a public steam room and a deep cleansing ritual, hammam brings to mind the ultimate wellness ceremony. But if it wasn’t for the ancient Romans and Greeks, we’d probably still be bathing in the cold. Because it was the invention of the Roman Thermae, or hot baths, where many of our modern bathing traditions – as well as the hammam –originate. While the first hammams were originally found in Arabia, it was the Turks who made them popular by allowing access for all. Constantinople, as Istanbul used to be known, was the capital of the Byzantium. The Ottomans conquered the city around 1450, marking the end of the Roman empire, and brought with them their own bathing traditions. The Romans believed in one huge, centralized bathing complex where thousands of people could visit to bathe and to catch up on the latest news. The Ottomans, however, took the Roman bath tradition and enriched it with their own customs; and so a whole new cleansing ritual emerged that conformed with the rules of Islam, with its purification rituals before prayer. The Ottomans also preferred smaller bath houses scattered around the city, hence hammams are often found next to mosques.

Initially only men were allowed to enter hammams, but gradually women – especially those who had been ill or who had given birth – could enjoy their beneficial qualities as well, although strictly segregated from the men. Eventually women got their own quarters in hammams, probably influenced by the Prophet Mohammed, who said that the warmth of the baths would enhance health and fertility. Socially, many women considered it their daily escape from isolation at home. (Women even had a legitimate reason to file for divorce if their husbands prohibited them from visiting the hammam!) With their open access, hammams became important social centers for men and women of all backgrounds and status. Much more than a sanctuary for cleansing, hammams were, and still are, a place where important moments in life are celebrated by rejoicing at the baths.

Let’s not forget the beauty benefits of the hammam. For amazingly soft, smooth skin from top to toe, those in the know pamper themselves weekly with a hammam ritual. Regular, rigorous exfoliation, detoxification and purification can result in increased circulation, a healthier immune system, less stress and a more relaxed outlook… and, of course, beautiful skin. In other words, this very special ritual leaves the body and soul invigorated, nourished and relaxed at the same time. And best of all, you can even recreate it at home in a few simple steps. No wonder the world loves the hammam.

Indulge your body and soul – create your veryown personal wellness ceremony at home withour purifying Hammam ritual containing warmingeucalyptus and rosemary.
Hammam Olive Secret – Imagine yourself in a Hammam with our soothing Hammam Olive Secret shower paste.
Apply and rinse off during your shower to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Contains olive oil for nourishment and eucalyptus for deep cleansing.
Hammam Hot Scrub – Experience the warming effect of our Hammam Hot Scrub and feel deeply cleansed.
Apply this aromatic sea salt scrub to damp skin; gently massage in a circular motion and rinse off with warm water.
Hammam Body Mud – Perfect your ceremony with our softening Hammam Body Mud for the ultimate purification.
Massage a thin layer of mud onto damp skin; allow to absorb for a few minutes; rinse off. Contains mineral-rich rhassoul clay –known for extracting toxins and enriching the skin.
Spark of Hammam – Indulge and hydrate your skin with our Spark of Hammam body lotion.
Intensely moisturizing and easily absorbed. Apply liberally and massage gently into the skin to complete your hammam experience.



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