The 5 Steps to Purification in Hammam

One of the most heavenly treats for body and soul is the hammam ceremony, where exfoliation and deep cleansing are followed by nurturing, softening and purifying. Why not create your own spa at home and celebrate this ritual for body and soul? Follow the steps below and for the full experience check out the video at the end.
Five steps to purification
Deeply cleanse your body while you gently soothe your spirit – create your own spa at home with our renewed The Ritual of Hammam.
With the antibacterial benefits of fresh eucalyptus and natural healing and rejuvenating power of rosemary, these authentic ingredients invigorate your senses and promote mental clarity.
Imagine yourself in a fabulous hammam as you use our soothing black soap. Apply a thin layer all over and rinse off during your shower to thoroughly cleanse the skin.
Experience a deep cleanse with our hot scrub. Simply layer it on top of the black soap, massage and rinse off. Alternatively, once you’ve rinsed off the black soap, dampen the kessa glove and use it to exfoliate all over.
Massage a thin layer of body mud onto damp skin, allow to absorb for two minutes, rinse off. Contains powerful antioxidants to help prevent aging and rhassoul clay for deep cleansing and revitalizing.
Refresh and revitalize your skin with foaming shower gel. Squeeze a small amount of gel into the palm of your hand, massage it onto skin and watch it transform into a creamy, moisturizing foam.
Hydrate and protect your skin with our rich body cream. Intensely moisturizing and easily absorbed. Apply liberally and massage gently into the skin to complete your hammam experience.



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